Patient Representative Group

Our PRG meet at 2pm on the First Monday of every month at the surgery.

PRG Annual meeting 2014/15
2014/15 PRG Annual survey meeting (PDF, 25KB)

PRG Action Plan 2014/15
2014/15 Action Plan following patient survey (PDF, 16KB)

We are here to help

Who are we?

We are a group of patients who have volunteered to try to improve the services and facilities that the patients at Hindley Health Centre receive. We meet monthly to discuss and action a programme of work to try to help you.

Attendees of the meetings include:

Patient volunteers
Practice administration staff
A doctor as required.

This forum allows all the parties to understand the issues from all sides and allows the PRG to communicate and action agreed improvements.

These improvements are aimed at benefiting YOU!!!

What are our objectives?

  • To foster links with the surrounding community
  • To advise on improvements in the quality of service that the practice offers to patients, including initiating and responding to service development activities
  • To ensure successful communication between the PRG and the Practice
  • For the PRG and the Practice to support each other in achieving these objectives

How are we constituted?

The PRG is composed of patient volunteers and tries to meet the following ideals:

  • To have representation of different age groups which will reflect the patient population

  • To invite patients who want to make an input to either join the group or, alternatively, attend particular meetings to discuss their issues and ideas

What do we do?

We look at issues to do with:

  • Patient communication
  • Patient comfort
  • Patient facilities
  • Patient support

What we cannot do

We cannot:

  • Look into clinical matters
  • Deal with patient medical issues
  • Interfere with the policy of the site landlord

How is it funded?

We are funded in two ways:

  • By the practice owners who pay a nominal sum in support of the PRG who in turn support the patients
  • PPG fund raising activities
  • Special agreed financial support from the practice for particular projects


Of course!!

We need your help to deliver a better service to you.

Here are some ways YOU can help:

  • Join as a volunteer. You only need to devote about an hour of your time per month. We need new members from all age groups but particularly those between 20 and 40. If you're not sure it's for you why not come to a meeting and see what goes on? Just ring the surgery to arrange this
  • Write out the problems and issues that you feel we may be able to help with and put your note into the PRG suggestion box (located in the surgery waiting room)
  • Send us an email to
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